Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shockers win. Not a shock.

6-1 over ACSC team. And they brought Peter and Matt, plus Josh, against us. Midfield and defense were solid, though, and when you get a lead and can hold it, the other guys wear themselves out chasing the game. And they launched half a dozen shots into the net, which only helps us.

But this team can play, when we don't screw up our own substitutions.

I didn't score, but had 1 good chance at a bad angle, and kept it alive till we did score. Also got kicked in the knee and got us a free kick which came to nothing. Andrew has a mean shot, but it went over the goal; I would've stayed in and taken it if only I'd known.

If all I can do is stretch out the defense, take the ball away with high-energy pressure (aka annoy the other team to death), and clean up the occasional garbage rebound shots, cool.

Next we get 2nd-ranked Galaxy. It will take a supreme effort to beat them, but let's see what happens.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The true story of "Where's the swimsuit top I just bought?"

"It was in this drawer. With all the rest of the swim stuff?"
"Dunno. Cleaned out the top drawers for Goodwill yesterday. Probably woulda noticed..."
"Sure you would. Just got it at a huge discount, only tried it on once. So annoying... Look in that Goodwill box, then."
Minutes later: "Nope."
More minutes later: "Not in Chandler's dresser. Not in the laundry. Not in athletic bag. Wait..."
Dana goes into the attic, and then laughs out loud in triumph.
"Here it is in Jackson's travel suitcase -- he got his bag packed over Christmas and said he was headed to Bikini Bottom."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Walk it off.

Walk it off.

So, world not ended yet -- cool. Christmas nearly here, everyone healthy, and so on -- even better.
My job ended yesterday; somewhat less cool. I catch myself singing "God does, but I don't; God will, but I won't, and that's the difference between God and me..."
On to the next thing. More on that in days to come.
Meanwhile, there's yet more to be thankful for, everywhere one looks:

God bless us, everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am the EGG MAN!

Dana's folding laundry in the bedroom. From the den comes this sound:

Tap tap tap... crack! followed by Jackson, "Hee hee hee hee!"

He's cracking eggs on the couch. Sofa omelet, anyone?

UPDATE: Also, just today, Jackson brought in the backyard trashcan and started emptying it on the living room floor. Must've had a shopvac demonstration planned.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jackson's turning 4! Can you believe it?

Four years old. 1 lb. 4 ozs. at birth, followed by 142 days in the hospital. Today he's rambunctious and loves to be outside and, especially after a bath, he cuddles up to you and still smells like heaven.

We get to hold a living breathing miracle every day.

My heart of silk
is filled with lights,
with lost bells,
with lilies and bees,
I will go far,
farther than those hills,
farther than the seas,
close to the stars,
to beg Christ the Lord
to give back the soul I had
of old, when I was a child,
ripened with legends,
with a feathered cap
and a wooden sword.
-- Lorca

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Proud Moments in Parenting (episode 528)

Chandler is doing homework. She reads from her worksheet:

"'How does a word change when you put un in front of it?' Like it says here, write a sentence with each word... button... un-button?"

Dad: "Right."

She writes button and unbutton into sentences. Next word: able.

"Able. 'I am... able... to drive a car.'"

Dad: "Good..."

"'I am unable to... fart my ABC's.'"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fear in the Morning (unrated)

Early morning, suburban household. DAD is in the dimly lit kitchen, gets sip of coffee and grimaces. He starts emptying the dishwasher, eyes still barely open -- cereal bowls in the top cabinet; saucepans and pots down low by the stove. Silverware tray stuff all goes in the drawer.

In the bedrooms, MOM is up, too, getting hangers with clothes from her closet. She heads up the hallway then hears a low rumbling growl. The sound is like something from the AMITYVILLE HORROR, or an EXORCIST sequel. She freezes, looks overhead toward the attic door; her eyes widen; pulse quickens. Then, from DAUGHTER'S room, the growl stops, and a demonic voice says: