Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shockers win. Not a shock.

6-1 over ACSC team. And they brought Peter and Matt, plus Josh, against us. Midfield and defense were solid, though, and when you get a lead and can hold it, the other guys wear themselves out chasing the game. And they launched half a dozen shots into the net, which only helps us.

But this team can play, when we don't screw up our own substitutions.

I didn't score, but had 1 good chance at a bad angle, and kept it alive till we did score. Also got kicked in the knee and got us a free kick which came to nothing. Andrew has a mean shot, but it went over the goal; I would've stayed in and taken it if only I'd known.

If all I can do is stretch out the defense, take the ball away with high-energy pressure (aka annoy the other team to death), and clean up the occasional garbage rebound shots, cool.

Next we get 2nd-ranked Galaxy. It will take a supreme effort to beat them, but let's see what happens.

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Ben Greenberg said...

Has RHBL risen from the dead?? Hey!